A love letter to the best side story of Grand Theft Auto


On Staunton Island, Cipriani performed tasks mainly from Donald Love, and his inspiration may or may not be inspired by a media mogul.Not like in Grand Theft Auto IIIHowever, this younger, more knowledgeable version of Donald seems to come directly from Phillips Exeter and Yale University, and he rants at “Antonio” his political ambitions with a cheerful singing voice.

Cipriani left an early mark on the new island by assassinating the mayor of RC Hole, and somehow only produced a one-star Wanted rating (really, how much he is loved), and then made Miles Odonovan who was seeking the position of mayor The aftermath of the derailment of the election campaign. in”Guided voting,” Cipriani, as an agent, you are a player, riding a campaign van to propagate: “Odonovan hates America” ​​and “Donald Love is a war hero.”

Yes, the 2005 Rockstar classic predicted something that even the most savvy political scientist would miss.

Love, with Cipriani, as a strongman, destroying votes and voting machines, and winning at all costs. The Entertainment Software Rating Board did not give this crazy title an AO rating, which is credible enough, which implies that Donald Love is also a cannibal, feeding on the meat of his opponents, including Liberty Tree reporter Ned. Bernard and his former mentor, real estate mogul Avery Carrington.

GTA goes there, but there are patents Rock star humor“Listen, Don, we need to win this election. Well, if you understand what I mean, we need to make sure there are no skeletons in the closet,” Cipriani warned.

Although Donald eventually escaped to Francis International Airport with Cipriani’s help, if you think he will not return to Liberty City soon, you are stupid.

Guilty City Story

Guilty City Story Takes us back to the atmosphere of Miami in the 1980s, two years ago Vice cityIn addition to the storyline of Tommy Versetti and Scarface, this legend also revolves around Victor Vance, the second black protagonist of Grand Theft Auto. San Andreas‘Carl “CJ” Johnson opened the way.Unlike CJ or Franklin Grand Theft Auto, Victor Vance has a military background story, not extracted from the hood.

Vance wanted a stable salary from the military, but because of his corrupt cocaine addictive boss Jerry Martinez, all this disappeared. After being kicked out of the barracks, Vance did a series of odd jobs for the arms dealer Phil Cassidy, who, like Donald Love, performed the most exaggerated in this expansion.

In the highlight task, “A sensational blowout,“Vance drove a forklift through the burning warehouse and retrieved a box of prosperity—not to be confused with Moonlight. It’s just that, as each successful box is delivered to Cassidy’s truck, a new piece of debris will change you. Path. Another entry “Domo Arigato Domestoboto,” also played a time bomb puzzle theme, involving controlling a Short circuit-The robot maid hacks the safe and handles the (oh, too boring) housework.Both Guilty City Story with Liberty City StoryInstead of being restricted by the PSP, use the conventions of handheld games to evoke something very primitive.

Victor Vance was a bit too passive in the early storyline and was pulled in many directions by other more energetic and active characters, including Cassidy. He is not a powerful central figure like Tommy Versetti/Ray Liotta.

Once Vance reached the second island, he did start to become more popular. In the media description, the main black character is often alone on the island, without any black friends or family members-completely separated from their community.in Guilty City StoryHowever, it’s almost like we got two main characters: everything is done according to the book, and his brother Lance, the little demon on his shoulders. Soon, the pair went to the Narcotics Enforcement Administration. I don’t remember when I saw two black people working side by side in a video game for so long.


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