As the U.S. lifts its veil, vaccine passports are under pressure


a year ago, Americans are facing the disturbing reality that the COVID-19 pandemic will not become a common experience: damage and risk will vary depending on where they live and how local politicians react.Nationally, the death toll has just cross 100,000. Washington DC, stay Under the stay-at-home order.In New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo is about to Announce Masks are mandatory in enterprises. But in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott Reopen Professional sports, in Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp Bars and nightclubs.

If you think 2021 will be different: sorry.

Consider the recent Decide Removal of the mask requirement for vaccinated people-is widely interpreted as allowing any adult to not wear a mask, whether vaccinated or not, if not the original intention.Next, the decision to join the Biden administration Get rid of The federal government plays any important role in proving immunization status. Realizing this allows us to rely on some vaccination certificates to know who is safe around us.Then please note that although some state governments are creating verification application Let people gather safely, others refuse allow So-called Vaccine passport In their state, some governors threatened bar Companies use them.

The chaos looks a lot like our situation a year ago. The federal health authorities have refused to establish national regulations for the use of protective tools: Mask then, Immunity certification is now.This requires people to make it themselves Possible exposure calculation And force them to take more or less risks, depending on where they happen to live.

Josh Michaud, deputy director of global health policy at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, said: “This puts us in a different position in many aspects of responding to the pandemic: completely piecing together different rules, methods and results.”, is studying the passport problem. He pointed out that once the CDC changed the mask guidelines, many states abandoned any mask rules they retained. (Within five days after the change, 23 states and Washington, D.C. have waived their rules. According to WebMD.)

“People can understand that there is a scientific basis for giving up the masking order,” Mishaw said. “But it does put institutions—employers, colleges, universities, governments—in a position to trust those who say they are vaccinated. This can lead to non-vaccinated people not following the recommendations, which may put others at risk. in.”

The passport should solve this problem. (The term “passport” is mostly inaccurate, because the actual passport was created by a sovereign government to provide guarantees for its citizens abroad-but it is more attractive than “digital certification of vaccination status” .So we insist on using it.) In some places, they have.Israel created a Vaccination “Green Pass” In February, before the current wave of conflict around Gaza, this brought something close to normal life back to the city. At the same time, the EU proposed a “Digital Green Certificate“This will verify vaccination or negative test results so that residents of member states can cross the border.

The United States does not have such unity. The CDC has decided to authorize vaccinated adults to take off their masks even when indoors, and it is expected that unvaccinated adults will continue to wear masks. This is widely regarded as allowing Americans to wear masks. One honor system. (As Desert news Utah ask: “Do we have enough honor?”)


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