Dragon Ball Online Generations

Adapted from the world-famous Anime, Dragon Ball Z is the game dragon ball online generations. It is an online role-playing game developed in Japan and Korea by NTL. The player controls the avatars from a third-person perspective. 

The villain group led by Mira and Towa come from the demon world and try to capture Earth. They try to use a time machine to help them obtain Goku’s DNA so that they can stop him when they try to take over Earth. 

Is Dragon Ball Online still playable? 

Although the game’s beta testing was said to be released in 2007, it got delayed till 2010. There were several issues regarding the servers as well. However, the game launched its website soon, which provided the eager player with all the necessary details. The game is available to play online, and the game can be downloaded on the official website.

Where are the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Online Generations?

One of the tasks in the game is to find out dragon balls on the map which have different star values. The locations where the dragon balls spawn are not always the same, and they keep changing. However, some of the common places where you can find dragon balls are on top of the tower, Commie’s lookout, trees, island, waterfalls, city, rocks etc. 

Players of the game give some tips like to have a dragon radar. Of course, it is not necessary to have one, but it is so much easier to find the balls if you have the radar. The players also suggest that you join a game server that has the lowest number of players in it. This way, you can eliminate all the competition and improve your chances of finding a dragon ball in the game. 

How Do You Counter in DBZ Online Generations?

According to Dragon Ball Online Generations Wiki Fandom, the counter is one of the skills used in the game against melee combat and rush skills. They do not work against anything else. Wiki Fandom also says, “They can be triggered by pressing whatever numerical key the player assigned that skill to. Some scale power by Physical Damage and some by Ki Damage.”

How Do You Get Stronger in Dragon Ball Online Generations?

Players always suggest new gamers to start playing story modes and do daily tasks to level up quickly. However, if you are not strong enough to complete the tasks, then it always better to play at a party or with friends who are strong in the game to help you level up. This way you will be able to level up quicker and gain strength. 

Always try to kill all the aliens with a single spirit ball. In order to get the spirit ball, go to options and click on master, then Goku early. This will help you get the spirit bombs to kill the aliens and level up soon. 

Even though the game is old, gamers around the world love it. So if you really like the anime or just love games, then dragon ball online generations is the one for you.

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