6 Tricks to Kick Your Worst Lz Gaming Habits

lz gaming

Lz Gaming

I’m going to do a quick rundown on the most important habits that you can start making now that the season is in full swing.

Lz Gaming Habits:

The first is to stop checking your notifications. It’s so frustrating to have to deal with the same notification every time you log in, but your phone will come up to alert you that you’ve missed a notification. So, once you log in, hit the lock and go to notifications. Then hit the big “X” next to the notifications you want to ignore.

That is so annoying! Now you’ll never miss out on gaming news, memes, or funny comments, but you’ll also never miss out on that text message you had to reply to or the video you had to watch.

Just a heads-up, this is just a heads-up. The new feature is called “notifications”, and it is a very important one. In order to not miss out on that text or video or whatever. You have to go to your phone’s settings and manually turn notifications off. You can manually turn notifications off by going to the settings and disabling notifications.

I always wondered why some people would keep their notifications turned off and others would turn them off. My guess is that the people who keep their notifications turned off don’t want their friends to know they’re watching videos or reading text messages. The ones who turn them off probably don’t want to lose their privacy, so they keep them turned off.

Another thing that people tend to do is turn off notifications when they’re playing Lz Gaming. Like, I’m not going to show you the video game news headlines. I think that makes it worse for you. I’m not saying to turn them off, I’m saying you’re doing a better job of not showing up notifications. You’re not just being a lazy asshole, you’re also being a jerk.

A solution to this:

One of the things you can do to improve how you use your cell phone to communicate with your friends is to set your phone to vibrate when you get a text message. A lot of people tend to set their phones to vibrate, but I think more people think about setting it to vibrate when they get notifications.

I am not sure if this is a common thing, but I think it might be because more people are getting their notifications on their own phones rather than using the messaging app. Also, notifications are generally more annoying to read if you’re going to text, but they’re not as disruptive if you’re just going to read it. If you’re going to text, I think you also have to consider that notifications are more important than you think.

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