RevAir Reverse Air Dryer Review: One-Stop Blasting Shop


Straighten my curly hair, Fluffy hair is a difficult, two-day job.I can do almost anything to make this process faster and easier, but I never quite Imagine yourself putting a few strands of hair into a nozzle similar to a vacuum device in the bathroom. This is impossible. But it did it.

The RevAir or reverse air dryer is incredible. It can dry and straighten hair in one step. The mileage may vary-depending on the texture of your hair and the style you like, you can have perfect straight hair without subsequent processing. But at least, it will greatly reduce the total time spent on styling.

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If you have ever blown it or done it yourself, you will know that this is a considerable process, especially the thicker your hair, the wilder it will be. You hold the brush in one hand and the hair dryer in the other, and you’re painstakingly smoothing out every part. As far as my hair is concerned, the only person who can do this without an iron is a hairdresser in Manhattan, which can only be described as a very expensive magician.Leave it to my own device, I look like Monica Gala Vacations.

Ever since I saw RevAir on YouTube a few years ago, I have always wanted to try it.Considering its size and design, it is the perfect internet product-literally, it looks like you are pouring your hair into a hose Shop vacuum. What if it doesn’t work? What if it pulls my hair in and entangles it, or worse, it jams or pulls my hair out? but it is not the truth.

I started with clean, damp hair and applied a lot of company’s Hair dye——You should not use viscous products, such as oil, gel or mousse, but the company says you don’t need The product makes it work. Then I separated my hair and started feeding each one into the wand. Once it has been fed all the way to the root, you will slowly pull the wand back until your straight hair can now rest freely on your neck.

When you figure out how much hair you can do at once and the heat and speed settings that suit you, you might mess up the first few parts. For my thick, extremely curly hair, I can adjust RevAir to 6 or 7 degrees, and the hair will dry and straighten after about 30 seconds. The company says you need 30 to 90 seconds, and I found it to be accurate. The bottom layer of my hair is coarser and curly than the other parts, requiring smaller parts and more time; the top layer of my hair is fast.

It removed all the frizz in my hair, but I still need to smooth some powder puffs with a flat iron.It’s not uncommon as far as my hair style is concerned, but I have watched the video The curliest curls are stretched In a perfect stretch style, it looks beautiful.


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