“Rodney Scott’s Barbecue World” Review: An Inspiring Slow Cooking Journey


On chapa, we cooked salmon on an uncovered aluminum foil sling, sprinkled with Scott’s rib friction sheet, put a thick block of honey butter on it, and watched the smoke spread over the top of the grill pan to season the fish .

We also tasted Scott’s grilled vegetable salad, grilled carrots, sweet potatoes and some other vegetables coated with ribs.

Then we ate very well. The surprise star of the day was Scott’s apple hand pie, in which pre-baked apple chunks, lemon juice, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and salt are filled into half-moon dough and then finished in the oven.It reminds me of a little chef Eric Rivera’s Apple Pie, Especially the bold butter flaky dough.

This is a great back door to the interesting side of Scott’s book; many are not barbecues. He has fried chicken in the “On The Stove” section. The “Snacks, Salads, and Vegetables” section has quiet puppies and salads of pickled tomatoes and onions. Strictly out of a sense of responsibility, we tried Hemingway’s Golden Gate from the “cocktail” part. This is a tequila with lemon juice, the lemon wheels have been dehydrated on a pan in a low-temperature oven for several hours, and Scott’s barbecue sauce with a bit of honey in it. I kind of suspected that there was a drink with barbecue sauce in it, but the cocktail disappeared so fast, just like we were shooting.

Our next day test featured ribs. Another slow cooking that relies on the basics: good technique, good meat-rubbing with his ribs, a traditional blend of black pepper, chili powder, chili powder, light brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, diamond crystal Coarse salt and MSG. When it was time to turn the ribs, he wiped the sides with white vinegar sauce. Scott uses a real mop in his restaurant, but you can use an oil brush.

Starks and I made some minor mistakes during the barbecue, which made our ribs a bit crispier than they should be, but it didn’t stop us from putting two big plates between the three of us.

Elisabeth and I had to take the ferry the next morning, which meant that Starks ate themselves pork T-bone. They got a little bit of vinegar sauce before roasting them on the heat of 400 to 450 degrees for eight hours. .

These are good and big Lang Rock Farm Ribs, when I texted and asked if he had one, I was jealous.

“Two,” he corrected. “They are delicious!”

Starks and I did a great job on Scott and Elie’s book. The author pierces the needle very well to help people make delicious meals at home, while ensuring that we still include his restaurant on our “must go” list.

Once, Starks received a call from an old colleague and walked into his field to talk. The last thing I heard from him was: “I live a wonderful life.” Indeed, every day is a beautiful day.

The time has passed for books like Scott and Elie to finally usher in the dawn. It is both a breath of real fresh air and a slap in the face. I admire Steven Raichlen, his taste and his recipes, but just take him as an example, if his career is so long that he has just written a book on roasted vegetables (almost his 20th book) !) Black pitmaster’s first cookbook is obviously a bit abnormal. I would love to see some overcorrection in a long time.Now I will check Adrian Miller’s new book Black smoke, The historical reckoning of recipes, the just released Netflix series High above, Next spring, will dive into The Brudersows Recipe, written by BBQ politician Kevin Bludso (Kevin Bludso). In most cases, I hope this is a turning point, and recipe publishers will eventually give these black chefs and writers the attention they deserve.

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