9 Signs Your Relationship With Siskiyou Community Health Center Is Toxic

siskiyou community health center

All about Siskiyou Community Health Center!!!

I wrote about the Siskiyou Community Health Center in my column, “Beneath the Surface” for The Oregonian. I was shocked and disappointed to find that the staff there was quite literally not treating me with respect. I’m a person who enjoys interacting with people. And was thrilled to find that the staff there didn’t seem to enjoy interacting with me.

They did mention me, but only in passing. They did also mention that my husband and I had broken up. And also said they were glad that my husband was coming back. But they didn’t seem to care that my husband was a drug user. They did say that there was a lot of anger in the staff. But not nearly enough to be a serious problem.

That’s what I’ve found when I’ve been coming to Siskiyou Health Center for my annual checkup. It’s a great place. I’m in good contact with the staff. I have a good relationship with the nurses. I have a good relationship with the doctor. But if you’re not in a positive relationship with the staff, then you’re not going to be having a healthy relationship with your health center.

When you’re not in a positive relationship with the staff, there are times when they dont take your concerns seriously. For example, last week a nurse told me that I should ask to see a doctor at the health center. Because I was doing everything right. Well, I guess I should have been asking to have a urine sample taken.

The health center is staffed by a bunch of doctors and nurses who are paid by the state and county. They don’t do much for their patients. So they don’t care if you see them every day or every other day. But the worst part is that they don’t seem to care about you. I could have a visit with the doctor every time I wanted to see the nurse, but nothing ever happens

Why it is worst?

Of all the health centers I have been to, Siskiyou Community Health Center is the worst. I have had the experience of seeing a doctor, a nurse, and the other staff at SCCHC. Then I see the lady who is the director of the health center. I have always been treated like I am under the wing of the school administration. And I was told that I couldn’t complain about my treatment. But I wanted to complain.

The Siskiyou Community Health Center seems to have a revolving door of staff. The director who has taken a lot of power from the board seems to be slowly turning into the type of person who wants to be the person in charge. The other staff also seems to have this type of attitude. As a result, I have seen various health care professionals who are overworked and underpaid. After all, I am just a patient.

We all want the same thing. But in this case, it’s not so much the right thing as it is the wrong thing. In my opinion, the health care center is the wrong place for someone with diabetes to be because they are being told to stay away from other people who are trying to treat them. Most people with diabetes live in the community. Because they are afraid of being seen by people who are not diabetic.

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