Twitch’s 10th anniversary, creators are mired in debt


Justin Can, Twitch’s Co-founder, just want his favorite Chess ribbon Pay attention to him. “I was chatting, like, donating to them, hoping they would say my name and nonsense,” he told WIRED.His chess is very poor, but he can’t stop watching Andrea and Alexandra Botez play chess twitch. They haven’t recognized him yet. He hopes they will soon.

Twitch pioneered this-digital quasi-social things. More specifically, it is monetizing it on a large scale. Exactly ten years ago, on June 6, 2011, Twitch launched, a general-purpose live video website founded by Naoto Kan four years ago. Naoto Kan, who no longer works at the company, said that he and his co-founder have been thinking about how to let people interact online and give each other money for years. Should they have a sidebar chat room? (Yes.) Emoji? (Of course.) Professional potential? (Yes.) The ultimate goal is not real-time video; it is the creator economy. Subscribers work.

Twitch has a lot of legacy, from Kappa emoticons to the rapper Drake’s Fort night Live with Twitch celebrity Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. However, its greatest legacy is to open up this all-encompassing world of patronage content and gamified online entertainment, both for audiences and streaming media.

At the end of 2010, Sean “Days9” Plott, a terrifying and charming Starcraft II The player revealed to his audience that he is under great pressure on loans for graduate tuition. Within a few days, fans flooded his PayPal account with thousands of dollars. Even after the donation campaign, the audience asked him how to provide more support. A few months later, when split Twitch into a game-focused department, early employees asked users what features they would use. It is recommended to subscribe for the already migrated Plott. “It makes a lot of sense to me,” he said later English Global“Unlike the traditional media model of’pay first, consume later’, the optional support model allows everyone to watch for free and provide support when they want.” Will become The first Twitch partner, a subscribe button will appear on his channel.

Supporting Twitch anchors is not like buying Belle and Sebastian CDs or even donating to Kickstarter for independent board games. The anchor is there, you give them money, and they respond that you give them money, all in real time. A model appeared: give 5 dollars and then yell. Affirmative admission makes our lizard human brains tickled. Early anchors used text-to-speech software to read out fan donations in a monotonous way. Before long, “Say my name out loud, please!” evolved into “drink bleach, bastard”. The audience wants to be recognized, but they also want to react. Anchor who can hit one or two punches, especially women, Monetize abuse, Just like a slam dunk.

“Text-to-speech is a huge turning point,” said Kacey “Kaceytron” Caviness, a top anchor who has been working on the platform since 2013. Hear it aloud in the live broadcast. “Once, in 2015, Cavines received multiple donations, repeating the lyrics of Lil B’s “Woo Woo Swag”. The troll lasted for two hours and totaled $2,000. Cavines donated all this to Charity.

When Twitch launched, the digital sponsorship model had just entered the mainstream. It is two and five years earlier than Patreon and OnlyFans respectively.Webcam sites like LiveJasmin have attract At that time there were 32 million visitors every month. The main difference with Twitch is the ratio of patrons to beneficiaries. In 2012, Twitch hosted an average of 2,200 concurrent live broadcasts, with an average of 102,000 simultaneous viewers—or, in other words, 46 times the number of simultaneous viewers on the channel.Since then, this ratio Shrunk By 2021, the number of viewers will be 25 times that of live channels. (Recently, Twitch watchdog Zach Bussey Point out In other words, in the spring of 2021, if an anchor attracts more than 6 viewers, then they will rank in the top 6.7% of Twitch anchors. )


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