Why are there so few women in Wargaming?


Becky Ernstness Fed up. She is participating in a local wargame game, where fanatics rushed their pewter army to the beige conference hall for a long and contemplative weekend. With cold tactics, Ensteness can’t wait to give her orders. She has been an amateur war chess enthusiast for decades. Actually, She runs a company Together with her husband, the boxes filled with miniatures are shipped to eager customers all over the world.

Ensteness specializes in historical scenes; there are no orcs, elves, or dark magic, only a small group of frilly infantry, reflecting the feints and strategies of the Napoleonic Wars. But despite all her apparent sincerity, Ensteness was a woman, and when she and her camp showed up, no man at the convention could fully believe what they saw.

Many of her competitors have always believed that she is the girlfriend, wife or daughter of one of the other tabletop generals-dragged to the front line against her wishes. In the end, Ensteness was tired of correcting them, so she convinced men of their prejudices.

“They are all white and over 50 years old. I’m doing what I think is normal. I walk around and check other games, just like they did when they weren’t playing games. But when I went Their Game, they started saying,’Oh, are you here to see your dad? ‘” Ensteines said in an interview with Wired. “I was with my wargame team and they said,’No, she is exhausted in our game team. We play with each other every week She plays together. So everyone started to say,’Yes, she is my daughter. I once had a whole group of fathers who adopted wargaming games. “

“I have to explain who I am,” Ensteness continued, now talking about the entire wargame culture. “Through my every interaction.”

The desktop industry is in an unprecedented period of prosperity. Although there is no indicator to measure the gender participation rate, as the business expands, its core population does seem to become more and more inclusive. One of the most popular board games in the world——2019 wingspan——It was designed by a woman.

A group of non-male and non-white content creators have opened a desktop-themed YouTube channel, and some of the most popular pen-and-paper actually broadcast podcasts, such as Key role with Friends at the table, Featuring gender-inclusive actors.In fact, there is a view that one of the most influential gamers in the culture is still Felicia Day, who is supernatural Fame, who founded a desktop-centric media company Geeks and groceries in 2012.

But despite all these advancements, and although the tabletop department seems to have shaken off its reputation as a sacred place for entrenched masculinity, the war game space has not caught up to average.according to Wargaming Investigation, A census-like questionnaire conducted by the magazine Wargames, soldiers and strategy Every year, women’s makeup in hobbies is estimated to be 1.5% to 2% As of 2019. This does not seem complicated. Venture to Warhammer Night in any game store, and you will most likely see a group of loose whites crowding around the terrain.This is in stark contrast to similar events organized for Dungeons and Dragons or Magic: Party, although Men who are still severely inclined, Of course welcome More different players in recent years. This begs the question: Why is wargame not as common as other hobbies in the kitchen? Why are women like Ensteness still outsiders?


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