Yoto player review: a cute cube child speaker


Tricky question How many The screen time kids deserve Shrouded every parent like a rain cloud.whether Worried about being exaggerated Or not, find alternative activities for kids feel important. There are many games and gadgets that can free your child from the shackles of the touch screen, but few people can fulfill this promise.enter Yoto player.

It is a wireless speaker, but its difference is that you can buy audiobooks on a physical card.Your child inserts these cards into the top of the Yoto Player to start listening, just like inserting a cartridge Old-fashioned video game console. It is not only suitable for audio books, but also suitable for meditation and sleep stories, radio stations for children, podcasts and soothing sleep sounds. All of this is invisible to the screen-only a cute pixel art display that doubles as a clock.

It is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12, so I tested the Yoto Player with the help of my 8-year-old daughter. She fell in love all at once.

Super cute audio cube

Yoto Player looks cute, which is very helpful. This is a beige cube with a wedge on the back. If you place it face down, it looks like a small house. The front uses a color pixel art display, with orange buttons on the upper left and upper right, which can be used as customizable shortcuts (more on this later). Use the button in the bottom right corner to launch it.

Photography: Simon Hill

The wedge-shaped frame on the back can be lit in different colors, which is a good advantage as a night light. There are speaker grilles on both sides, a slot for inserting a card at the top, and a circular notch at the bottom for magnetic connection with the included charger-it is battery powered, so your child can take it with him Around the house. It weighs a little over a pound, and the children feel comfortable to hold it. It is made of soft-touch plastic, and it feels like it can withstand sticky fingers and one or two weird rolls.

The daughter immediately fell in love with the pixel painting on the front, the current time is displayed by default, and the relevant picture is displayed when the content is played.This is the real attraction-Yoto Player supports a large number of audiobooks, and each one is connected to an entity plastic card This is about the size of a credit card.

The library is reliable, and the content includes classics and the like Winnie the Pooh And Julia Donaldson’s works for young children Little Kid Diary, Treasure island, And Roald Dahl are suitable for older people. The price of these cards ranges from US$6 to US$12. I initially thought it was expensive, but it was comparable to Audible’s audiobooks.

The beauty of the card system is that your children can simply choose the story they want to hear, and then insert the card to listen. Each comes in a small bag with adhesive on the back, so you can glue them to the wall. We have a collection of audiobooks on Audible, but if my daughter wants to hear stories, she must ask us. The physical card of Yoto Player can obtain certain agency rights even for the youngest child.


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